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For our ROAD SAFETY projects, we offer project development consultancy with tailored driver training programs as well as staff and trainer education programs. We provide operational know-how and quality control with ongoing assistance, including HR assistance services.

Our services in the MOTORSPORT sector include consultancy for project development and track design according to the desired grade. We furthermore offer education programs for track marshals and staff, making use of our operational know-how, motorsport network and marketing/PR strategies.

We come from the operating side of the business.

That’s why we create unique designs for efficient operation.

Test & Training International GmbH (TTI) is an Austrian based company with long term international experience in the establishment and operation of Road Safety Training Centres (RSTCs) including train-the-trainer programmes for driver training staff and children & youth training programmes.


The Test & Training System has been developed over 30 years in conjunction with ÖAMTC, the Austrian Automobile, Motorcycle and Touring Club. It is recognised on a global level as the pioneer of road safety education systems. The approach is project & client orientated. TTI develops facilities from the viewpoint of an operator. TTI can tailor road safety training programmes and facilities to the special requirements of every client, independent of the location and social and/or environmental circumstances. TTI specialises in multifunctional Road Safety Training Centres which maximise income through extensive and varied activity potential.




Due to its vast experience as implementer of national mandatory road safety training programmes, Test & Training International consults for various governmental and non-governmental organisations, with regards to the legal aspects of mandatory training programmes especially of novice and professional driver training programmes. This legal consulting also includes demerit point system approaches and the implementation of scientific research into the development of legal defaults.



Since 2003, Austria has implemented a mandatory 2nd phase driver education system developed by Test & Training in collaboration with the government, the Austrian Road Safety Board, the Association of Austrian Driving schools and the automobile clubs.
The results speak for themselves: following the introduction of the scheme, the number of seriously injured novice drivers dropped by 28% between 2004 and 2008. Why can't that happen in other countries too?



Test & Training International is a strong partner for viable, locally tailored and legally grounded road safety measures.



In Austria, Test & Training was the leading implementor of the mandatory EU-wide periodic training of professional drivers. Since 2008/09 professional drivers in the EU are required to complete 35 hours of further training within a period of five years. We have twenty years experience of working with drivers of commercial vehicles. Thus, we are well placed to help realise this guideline according to all requirements with our tried and tested, state-of-the-art programmes for road safety training, eco training and load security.

We design from the view

of the operator.

Learn more about our road safety facility designs here





A truck fleet’s success depends heavily on the skills of its drivers. Yet as the mileage clocks up, professional drivers also become prone to errors due to habit and routine. To nip these bad habits in the bud, Test & Training organises special training programmes and tracks for the “big guys” for over twenty years.



With the roll-over tanker the truck can be tested to the limit. It can “sound out” the braking distance of a fully loaded 24-tonner, and practise recognising, avoiding and handling difficult road situations. The client also benefits by drivers with heightened awareness, increased motivation and also from fewer accidents, lower insurance premiums and reduced fuel bills.



More and more companies and organisations are making use of our professional programmes. After our training course, drivers of tanker trucks, HGVs and buses are all safer, better and more cost-effective on the road. According to the client’s objective, our expert trucker team draw up special programmes for the drivers to get reflexes and know-how up to speed.



It has been shown that the programmes TTI runs for European companies have drastically reduced accident numbers and associated costs. For instance, a training programme for a big supermarket chain led to a reduction in accident costs of more than 40%.

In addition, TTI offers jointly organised European-wide driver training to fulfill internal health and security rules for companies like BP, Aral, Shell and OMV. Today road safety training based on our model is now compulsory in the oil industry. In this way it was possible to decrease roll-over accidents by 80%.




Over the past 25 years Test & Training International has developed training programmes for all kind of driver education, road safety and motorsport training purposes, in addition to mandatory training programmes for novice and professional drivers to reduce injuries and fatalities and to reduce operation and accident costs.
Many programmes were tailored to local and current situations and needs. But Test & Training International constantly strives to assess and improve its training programme results. Therefore TTI’s programmes, particularly those designed to reduce accidents, were evaluated by independent scientific research organisations which verified the success of the training measures.



Clients of Test & Training International can revert to established training programmes for various target groups:

  • Children and Youth programmes (from age 6 to 18)

  • Training programmes for novice drivers

  • Generally road safety training programmes

  • Economy driving

  • Loading safety

  • Programmes for handicapped and older people

  • Assessment programs for company fleets

  • Driver Training for Ambulance, Police and Fire Fighters

  • Special forces driver training

  • Driver Training for Military

  • Off Road Training

  • Drift Training

  • Race Car Training

  • High-Speed Training

  • etc.



Test & Training International provides driver training programmes (and Train the Trainer programmes) for all kinds of categories:

  • Moped

  • Motorbike (incl. Motocross, Supermotard, Race bikes, etc.)

  • Quads

  • Passenger Car

  • Compact Van (with/without Trailer)

  • Trucks and Busses (with/without Trailer)

  • SUV

  • Special vehicles (Heavy haulage, abnormal wide load, Fire truck, etc.)

  • Armored vehicles

  • Rallye and Racecars

  • Exclusive Sports Cars

  • etc.

The established training programmes can be changed and adapted according to local needs, requirements and the Road Safety Training Centre design.



Working together with the local Partner and factoring in relevant local data, Test & Training International develops regional and national road safety measures and programmes. This can include the planning, construction and operation of multifunctional road safety training centres for all vehicle categories and target groups as well as special education programmes for children in schools.
Test & Training International’s portfolio includes driver search and assessment programmes for company fleets, special training programmes for fleets and governmental or private organisations (e.g. police, fire-fighters, ambulance, bus drivers, etc.).
Management and training personnel for the start up phase of road safety activities can be provided by Test & Training International to ensure proper implementation and to set necessary quality standards.




Potential investors considering going into the road safety training business may find themselves faced with many questions regarding this new field of activities. TTI can assist in this decision making phase with informed opinions and advice about the opportunities and challenges of the market.

On the basis of a tailor-made project and appropriate investment cost estimation, TTI can prepare analysis on further revenues, operating costs, depreciation, personnel cost, profit & loss and cash flow, providing all relevant information for the realisation of road safety activities.

If required, TTI can support the investor through the operating phase of the RSTC by making available benchmarks from other international RSTCs.





Alexander Wurz, former Formula 1 driver for Benetton, McLaren Mercedes, WilliamsF1 and Brawn GP is a highly recognized test and development driver. He and his experienced team at Test & Training International provide in-depth know-how for Race Track design. Alex and his experienced team offer tailor-made race track solutions.



Test & Training International provides worldwide training for Race Track Officials. Race Track Safety is a core goal of Test & Training International.



Test & Training International provides design know-how for race tracks for all racing categories up to Formula 1 level including most modern technical racing and safety equipment. The tracks can also be designed to host Rallycross, Supermotard, Karting tracks, etc., include all necessary infrastructure and take into consideration environmental aspects.

To ensure further means of income, Test & Training International can design multifunctional race tracks which include Road Safety Training Centre elements to ensure economic viability.



As Mentor of the FIA Young Driver Training Programme, TTI’s CEO, Alexander Wurz acts as mentor for young Race Drivers and shares his experience as Formula 1 Race Driver in areas such as driving physics, racing team communication, physical fitness, nutrition and public relations. Alexander Wurz is also a road safety role model to the young drivers, demonstrating career alternatives should they not succeed in the tough world of motorsport.

As road safety ambassadors, working for governmental or non-governmental organizations, motoring clubs or working as test driver / instructors for Automobile manufacturers, young race drivers get also a broader view regarding their future work.

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