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About us

The structure

Test & Training International consists of two companies, Test & Training International SAM, the rights and know how holder, and Test & Training International Planning and Service GmbH, the executor of the planning, training, research projects and related customer service.

The background

The Test & Training system has been developed over 20 years in conjunction with ÖAMTC, the Austrian Automobile, Motorcycle and Touring Club. It is recognized on a global level as the pioneer of road safety education systems.

The mastermind
Franz Wurz

The mastermind behind Test & Training International is Franz Wurz. After a successful career as a rally and rallycross driver, with several European championship titles, Franz has spent more than 20 years running Test & Training. Under his leadership, Test & Training has become the world's leading provider of road safety training, with numerous road safety training centres in Austria and beyond.

The future
Alex Wurz

Alex Wurz was involved in the Road Safety activities through his father's ideas and vision from Test & Training’s inception. Throughout his twelve year career as a Formula 1 driver, Alex has established his expertise in the Road Safety as well as Motorsport Industry and used his public profile to promote safety. Together, Alex and Franz founded Test & Training International in 2006 with the aim of disseminating Test & Training's expertise on an international level. As a role model and driver training expert, Alex has an important connection to young drivers across the globe.

Franz and Alex Wurz are supported by a strong team of experienced traffic psychologists, trainers and safety experts. All have a single aim: to make the roads of the world safer and reduce the number of accidents and fatalities worldwide through improved education.

Our core team

Norbert Filippits

Norbert Filippits Norbert Filippits is professional instructor and driving teacher. From 2003 to 2006 he was managing director of two driving safety centres in Austria. Since 2007 he works for Test & Training International, supporting the company as member of the management.

Mag. Claudia Grand

Mag. Claudia Grand For more than 12 years Claudia Grand has been responsible for project development and the project management of all Road Safety Training Centres planned, built and operated according to the Test & Training System. As a key staff member in the realization of the Austrian Road Safety Network she developed all the necessary tools for managing and steering these projects in Austria as well as in various other countries.

Dipl. Ing. Claudia Gruber, MBA

Dipl.Ing. Claudia Gruber, MBA Claudia Gruber, MBA, is a professional road safety trainer, who has training experience in various fields of road safety, such as children traffic programmes, driver training, load safety and training for professional drivers. In order to develop worldwide road safety training on a high level, she adapts and improves existing road safety programmes, to establish new measures, especially in the field of driver coaching and training for professional drivers.

Sandra Eichhorn

Sandra Eichhorn Sandra Eichhorn is responsible for the office management, administration, general organisation of Test and Training International. Fluent in German, English, French and Italian and with 10 years' experience in the motorsport industry, Sandra is skilled in international business administration.